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The overkill of Pinoy singing exports

December 29, 2008

(First of 2 parts) IF you’re a fan of Charice Pempengco and Arnel Pineda, you might think I’m making fun of your heroes; so to be safe, skip this column and proceed to the Horoscope section. If you’re still there, it’s nice to know we share the same irritation with anything that devours talents like […]

Sex in the storm

July 21, 2008

A sidelight to typhoons, one that is fun but must not be taken as an insult to those who suffer in their wake, is how these destructive forces of nature got their names. For sure, they don’t come whiffing through Pagasa’s radar saying, “Hi, I’m Frank. Behind me is Gener; and that’s Helen over there.” […]

Now Showing

February 21, 2008

Some guys are putting their photoshop skills to good use. Thanks to icot for emailing these to me.