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Frustrated public school teacher

March 12, 2009

( 2nd distribution of children’s books to colonia elementary school, tuburan, cebu, february 22, 2009 )


December 13, 2008

Books for Colonia

December 10, 2008

:: tsinelas update. please click here

Convincing Yap and So

September 22, 2008

Do you part with your books? Especially those you love so much that their titles alone make your nose run? You should have seen how fellow columnists Januar Yap and Michelle So reacted to the question. “What the ef are you talking about, you good for nothing @*^#!!!_++? No one can make me part with […]

‘Are women human?’

February 24, 2008

What title would you want for that book you’re writing right now? If that’s the one about a groom who chickened out in the middle of his wedding to run off with his lover, you may want to call it “Dealing with Acute Diarrhea at Weddings Like Nothing Happened.” The book is sure to be […]