mga awit ug yawit sa kasingkasing bisaya

Songwriting workshop

songwritingWe’re organizing a songwriting seminar-workshop to raise funds for TSINELAS. It’s going to be held this coming May. It’s going to be a four-day (two weekends) event to be held at the Tsinelas headquarters at the Saint Theresa’s College compound along Gen. Maxilom Ave.

We’re going to talk about the basics of melody writing, lyrics writing, musical arrangement and recording.

Award-winning musicians and recording artists Ian Zafra, Jude Gitamondoc and Brian Sacro have initially agreed to join us as speakers. I also invited myself as speaker, and myself said yesย  (haha).

We’ll be inviting other established musicians to join us as interactors during the open forums.

Anybody can join the workshop as long as he brings with him an original composition – in Bisaya, Tagalog, Cebuano and in whatever genre.

As a bonus, we might – i repeat, we might – choose a song or two from among the entries to be recorded for free.

Number of participants is limited to 25. You can’t learn anything in a crowd.

The workshop is not for free. We need to spend for the seminar kits and honorarium for speakers. Not a centavo will go to the pockets of the organizers. Proceeds will be used to fund various projects of Tsinelas, especially since another school year is opening.

We’ll soon be posting more details.

Join. Not only you will learn a lot from the workshop, you will also get the chance to help poor kids stay in school.

Rakenrol, Bisayang musikero!

13 Responses to “Songwriting workshop”

  1. sir, nag start na ang registration para ani? mo join unta ko.. thanks

  2. weeeeeee
    cant wait for this.. apil nya ko… please update if pwede pa ko ka apil.. ehehe

  3. Awesome idea. Wish I could be there. Hope you guys post some audio from the workshop. Would love to check it out!

  4. soy, ako na gimodify ang theme, basically music and lit…

    on topic: with this seminar makaremember nuon ko ani sa kadtong “magpareserve ug usa ka ‘slut'”. hahahahahahaha.

    off topic: if ganahan ka naay email, it would be

  5. Bai,

    Nindot ni dah.
    Pila man sad bayad ani?
    Dili pwede in English ang songs bai?

  6. hi people. we’re finalizing everything this week. we will be posting more details between now and weekend. in the meantime, please help us spread the word. let’s invite as many people as possible, anyway, we can always do it by batch.

    yep, any language will do. let’s stop this annoying language issue in the local music scene once and for all. a crappy song in any language is still crap, just like a real good song transcends linguistic boundaries.

    money is one delicate issue in any event like this. so we promise you transparency. down to the last centavo you will know where your money went. you can even go with us to the mountains when we deliver our services to our beneficiaries.


  7. rakenrol gyud!

    thanks for the invite soy!

  8. i’m sure this will be as successful, if not, even more successful than the first! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. @Jose Makalolot:
    – nakahinumdum pa pud ko ato..hehehe..

  10. payter! mangapil ta ninyo mga brad ug sis! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. apil ko ani bai insoy… heheh

  12. how to join?!

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