mga awit ug yawit sa kasingkasing bisaya

From g-string to ballroom dancing

ballroom1FOR those of you who haven’t been back to any college campus after graduation, here’s an update: they now teach ballroom dancing there. This means education officials were not singling my generation out after all when they forced us to choose between ROTC and the Campus G-string Cultural Ensemble, which was funded by the campus-owned Wear the Silly Bahag Scholarship Foundation.

I mean, what academic benefit is there to gain from dancing naked with only a piece of cloth barely covering your pubic area? As a rule, a male college student is lanky in a funny, angular way, such that when you ask him to execute body movements, like the Igorot dance, all educational and cultural benefits he is supposed to gain from the experience is offset by the embarrassment brought about by an exposed underdeveloped butt.

So you choose ROTC, only to return to the G-string Ensemble in the middle of the semester because you’re too frail to bark “Ser, yes, ser!” as you do the pushup. You believe your generation is really being singled out when shortly after graduation the school authorities abolish ROTC and send thousands of happy freshmen and sophomores out in the streets with gardening implements. Between ROTC and a silly dance troupe, you’d go for cleaning the city’s sidewalks.

I mentioned this because yeste r   day eaaawa ss…

SUN.STAR, FEB. 10, 2009

One Response to “From g-string to ballroom dancing”

  1. just because a guy doesn’t know how to dance gracefully like girls do doesn’t mean it’s ridiculous for them to learn or even get a touch of it. one doesn’t have to sway his hips exactly the same way girls do. there’s a manly way of doing it.

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