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edited ‘Their Books’ poster

September 26, 2008

tsinelas volunteers and friends: please help spread the word, and use poster below. no date yet, though. just keep the anticipation going. for updated list of donors, visit tsinelasdiaries.

Convincing Yap and So

September 22, 2008

Do you part with your books? Especially those you love so much that their titles alone make your nose run? You should have seen how fellow columnists Januar Yap and Michelle So reacted to the question. “What the ef are you talking about, you good for nothing @*^#!!!_++? No one can make me part with […]

“Their Books” poster

September 17, 2008

Poster creation of johanna michelle lim. not final yet. subject to editing. but the minimalistic approach is cool. check the chick out at

The body parts revolt

September 15, 2008

( OT: check out THE TSINELAS DIARIES for interesting info on the next TSINELAS book sale ) All this fuss about body parts miraculously popping up in garbage dumps, with nobody owning up responsibility, convinced me that each part of our body has a mind of its own and operates independently of the others. Biological […]

The Tsinelas Diaries

September 13, 2008

click HERE. so you’ll know what we’re doing. not an official website, though. just a personal documentation, simple blogging. doesn’t carry entries on activities before this month. wanted: web designers – we need your help.

A test of faith in a world of gore

September 11, 2008

— this month, cebu’s media is celebrating the annual PRESS FREEDOM WEEK. the celebration in 1999 had me writing about my then 8-month-old life as journalist. in yet another failed attempt at cleaning my room of age-old clutter, i came across that article. damn, dugaya na diay nako aning trabahoa uy. — __________ IT PAYS […]

everything will be fine

September 10, 2008



September 8, 2008

The word that will be repeated several times in this article is not something I am actually fond of. In fact, the word shouldn’t have been allowed to exist at all. OK, compromise: the word should be relegated to the Entertainment Section, where it can be used to increase newspaper sales and keep my check […]

the gf’s search for the elusive duck

September 6, 2008

with her photography, it’s a different kind of orgasmic experience for me. check out her latest collection at ech in san francisco (to chiloy: bayad na akong utang ani ha)

pares: a pair of success

September 6, 2008

salamat sa tanan nga ningtambong sa PARES last august 30. we didn’t expect to gather a crowd that big and to raise an amount that significant. because of PARES’ success, we are planning another event, this time to focus on booksale. this is not going to be another one of those ordinary booksales. some big […]