mga awit ug yawit sa kasingkasing bisaya

Two Filipinos

Marcos was probably the only leader of two leaders who knew the Filipino soul and the Filipino heart very very well. The other one was Ninoy. — Teddy Benigno


13 Responses to “Two Filipinos”

  1. Ang duha ka mga gahi 👿

  2. it’s like a classic movie, the villain is as good as the hero.

  3. “the villain is as good as the hero.”

    i beg to disagree.

    nanglimbawt akong balhibo aning punga dah!
    mura lahi ra jud akong pag-sabut ani.
    twenty years of tyranny ….. and were still suffering from its effect.

  4. mayng laki mn jd si marcos.. tungod sa iyang pagka mayng laki, mao to na extend niya iya tyranny… though daghan ang wala nalipay 🙂

  5. i watched ABS-CBN’s special feature on ninoy’s death last night. maayo pagkabuhat. gave me a clearer picture of the conspiracy behind the murder, and of the man that was ninoy. now, let’s talk about kris… 🙂

  6. here. here..
    it was a great docu, mao ra jud nang nakapagpagawas nko sa akong room sa bhaus.
    now, back to kris and james. 🙂

  7. kita sab ko ato sir,
    nanlimbawt ako balhibo adtoang gi interview siya then mura niya gisingkahan ang ga interview niya.

    Nakaingon gyd ko na way hadlok si ninoy. 😈

  8. Teddy is very right!!! But TOTALLY wrong that Aquino knew Filipinos heart.

    Marcos knew that religious Filipinos are cowards. That Filipinos can be intimidated, corrupt and use religion to subjugate us

  9. i was 1 when people power happened, so i never really experienced how things were during the martial law. i was brought up with the common notion that made “marcos” synonymous to “evil”.

    but in highschool, while doing a research paper that was supposedly anti-tyranny, i came to know and like (really,really like) ferdinand edralin marcos.

    perhaps, it has something to do with my affinity for the wronged.

    like how the whole world mocks me for being pro-erap. like how infamous my support to the rebellion of trillanes and querubin has become.

    like how i ironically wept for the death of khadafi janjalani.

    we all have our heroes, and sometimes, we really can’t articulate why we like or don’t like them.

  10. @rain: hmmmm…. 🙂

  11. Nakahinumdum nuon ko sa mga pasangil ug reklamo niadtong dekada 90 nga gipang-usab o gitu-yo ug pag-sayop ang mga history textbooks sa mga elementarya ug high-school kabahin sa people power ug ang mga sugyot kalabut ni Dictadoryang Marcos. Murag ilang gipahumot ang bahong dungog ni Macoy.

    Ma-umol atong batang huna-huna sa atong mga gipang-basa pero kung sayop atong gibasa ma-umol sa sayop atong kasinatian sa mga isyu nga may kalabut sa atong kagahapon ug sa atong ugma.

    I’m a martial law baby, during those formative years, bisan pag dili isulti sa akong mama ug papa kung unsay nahitabo sa gawas. makita nako sa ilang nawng ang ilang kahadlok sa mga tao ni Marcos ug sa ilang kasagmuyo sa pang-gobyerno ni Macoy.

    I was 12 years old during the people power I, the blessed sisters of STC-Cebu inculcate in our minds the martyrdom of Ninoy, Fr. Romano, Escalante Massacre and the desaparacedos.

    The seeds they planted, made me an easy lure to the ‘hot-issues’ surrounding USC’s campus politics, STAND Party was my choice. It was an extension of the Marcos vs Ninoy. The hottest issue then was ‘tuition fee increase’, this was the time of Totol Batuhan, Turo Catarata and yes Bisoy Enoveso, formerly of the Shiela and the Insects. ( i respect their politics now)

    Hangyo lang sa tanang nakalimut. The tyranny of Marcos was real. Just like Auschwitz and those gas chambers.

    God bless the souls of those who forgot.

    Soy, salamat sa lugar.

  12. i also had a research about marcos 2 years ago and around this time (wow, did i actually had a good memory?) and i actually found his life very interesting.. yeh, i admire him.. he’s one smart-ass.. too bad his power came with a price…

  13. ninoy had also gone into being one of those “trapo”.

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