mga awit ug yawit sa kasingkasing bisaya

Why “tsinelas”

What are we looking for? Today, we are looking for very simple values. We must return to the original values of the Filipino race. Remember the story of the king who said, “Lalakad ako. Ayaw kong masaktan ang paa ko. Carpet the whole kingdom!” What a waste of money because what the next king did was gumawa ng tsinelas, cut out in the carpet the form of his foot. Why cover the whole kingdom with carpet when you can protect your feet and spend only so much? Protect your feet; do not cover the kingdom with carpet. We don’t have to cover the whole world. Begin with ourselves.

Senator RAUL ROCO, EDSA People Power Anniversary, February 2003


10 Responses to “Why “tsinelas””

  1. tsakto. and these words came from HIM. i wrote his name for presidency when i was 18.

  2. hi patadyong. i’ll email you copy of this speech. ako sang i-encode kay taas kaayo. hehehe. gud luck sa imong group diha. 🙂

  3. Can I have a copy of the speech too? Hehe. Bitaw, dili bitaw. 🙂

    Anyhoo, thanks for the shirt. Likey it a lot. 🙂

  4. ui, wat shirt?

  5. you cant go wrong with chinelas 🙂

  6. chiloy! kuyog ta ka ugma oi, tsk tsk… sayang.. aron naa mi mga nindot na pix, hehehe.. ang class diay mam.. bsta, mu-message nlang kos multiply for updates ha?! 🙂

  7. si roco ta jd to angayan nga ma presidente bai.. sayang lang jd.. pagdagan niya dili pa ko kabutar ato… tanan nga field iya ta pangan ako ibutang .. bisan sa senators.. hehehe

  8. roco was also our bet before and by the way sir insoy, i met this friend of yours, rhea.. and i believe she’s also with tsinelas..

    kudos to you, for being the mastermind behind the org, or is it somebody else? ^_^ anyway, kudos gihapon ninyo tanan!

  9. Hi can i have a copy of Roco’s speech? I hope this is not too much to ask. Thanks.

  10. @akosikai: thanks. tsinelas is a group effort. we welcome you to join us kai.
    @ysrael: it’s just an excerpt that i read from a book sir. i’ll check if we have a copy here sa office. thanks.

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