mga awit ug yawit sa kasingkasing bisaya

The USC Packers

chowa, a hardcore tsinelas volunteer, singlehandedly raised funds to buy school supplies for 100 students. maoy gikalingawan og putos sa mga USC-Tsinelas volunteers last wednesday sa tsinelas office at st. theresa’s college. then some emailed me after reading this blog’s previous post and also promised to give. salamat gyud kaayo. 🙂 please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re interested to help.

by the way, tsinelas’ site is down. we’re still fixing it. in the meantime, this blog will be the group’s unofficial site. mabuhi ang nagpakabana. amping.


2 Responses to “The USC Packers”

  1. hi sir,
    this is the sister of chowa. i would also like to acknowledge (who is a friend of mine) for raising funds for chowa’s campaign.

  2. hi ann. yup, nag-email mi ni dan about it. i would have wanted to post the list here of those who donated, but they might want to remain anonymous. now maybe i should really post the names here to inspire others. sige, ann, thanks. chowa, by the way, will soon sit with us in the executive committee, along with other young blood. 🙂

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