mga awit ug yawit sa kasingkasing bisaya

On this site will rise, in this mountain will live

This has kept me busy the past weeks. Tsinelas is finalizing a proposal for the construction of a Community Resource Center in one of Cebu City’s remotest barangays – where children go to school on empty stomachs, where classes stop when there’s fog because it grows dark and there’s no electricity and it’s impossible to read, where no elected city hall official has ever set foot, fuck you!

tsinelas has lots of plans for the area… and i don’t mind living there the rest of my life because there’s plenty of preskong utanon and bisayang manok, fuck me!



12 Responses to “On this site will rise, in this mountain will live”

  1. Cebu is being just so blessed with TSINELAS. i hope your unselfish desires to do good will be spreaded everywhere! 🙂

  2. ***tsinelas rocks! 😉

  3. insoy for president! hehehe
    wishing you all the best in this upcoming project!
    pwde mi mu-volunteer as construction workers, heheh! seryoso!

    nice shots here idol!
    (i know you can read this one ms. ech!)

  4. asa man tong gabaylo mog place sa baka boss?

  5. boss ech, wala nalang nako giapil kay di mosugot ang baka. 🙂

    hi rhea ruth. thanks.

    ehead rei, uli na lagi diri cebu oi.

    bai jared, salamat bai.

  6. ay.. pinakanindot man tong nagbaylo mos baka… 😦

  7. giapil na nako tsiloy. 🙂

  8. hahaha! nindot lage tong nagbaylo mo sa baka… murag wa tinoyo, hahahaha!

  9. isnabera lagi ang baka.. 🙂

  10. Wow! Good luck!

  11. good luck on this one insoy and to Tsinelas too. hopefully those friggin’ city hall officials will help you out. if not, call on your saints and angels (:

  12. told ya noy, pinakanindot gyud ang pagbaylo ninyo sa baka. 😉

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