mga awit ug yawit sa kasingkasing bisaya

Mga paryenteng Pacman

If you are really proud of your roots, Pacman, do something concrete for the town, or at least for the barangay where your father was born. A small school building or a community training center won’t definitely hurt your pocket.


9 Responses to “Mga paryenteng Pacman”

  1. (Second photo) Dili man na sila paryente ni pacman. Lahi ang spelling! 😀

  2. pede gamiton nako ang first pic sir insoy para sa ? hehehehe

  3. mura man og “Paka-uwaw Family” dli Paquiao.. 🙂

  4. nganong taga pinamungahan man si pakyaw, soy?

  5. ambot doc. tungod tingali kay iyang papa taga didto. automatic. hehehe.

  6. @yennoreen: hahaha. nice one. 🙂

    @ putik: sige bai.

  7. this aint a new culture to us noypis.. if someone has a high position or currently standing at the pedestal and it accidentally happened that you both have the same surname; you become his instant relative. 😉 hehehe

  8. very true! i agree!!!

  9. success is relative..the more success, the more relatives 🙂

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