mga awit ug yawit sa kasingkasing bisaya

The tearyucky show

I WASN’T SO EXCITED about last year’s edition of Pinoy Big Brother for the simple reason that everybody went gaga over it. You see, I tend to do the opposite of what everybody does. If you go straight, I step back. If you go left, I go right. If you go right, I go wrong. As a result, I missed the national experience of watching a peepshow in the comforts of the living room.

I wouldn’t have mind missing it again this year if not for the participation in the show of a colleague in the local music scene. An artist that defies commercial conventions has made it to a show that worries about ratings more than anything else. I need to watch it.

For us independent musicians who tremble at the word “sellout,” Budoy crying on national television is a serious concern. Damn, this show considers tears as its main attraction, and Budoy is biting. But knowing Budoy, I’m sure he has something up his sleeve after that experience. He’ll have his revenge.

I remember a tour we had with Budoy a few years ago. While everybody in the band was going ballistic over lousy accommodation, Budoy easily made himself cozy under a tree and dozed off.

He’s not the type who sheds a tear or two over anything. He’ll find a way out of a difficult situation and escape emotionally intact. At least that’s the band’s impression of the artist after two weeks on the road with him.

So I wonder what’s inside that “confession room” that makes the toughest “housemates” cry like babies. There must be a sign on the wall there that says “cry or be voted out.” Or the “confession” must really be an emotionally exhausting experience, with “big brother” manipulating the housemates’ emotions until it’s too much for them to handle.

I have nothing against crying. I cry too, but in private. You can cry in front of a loved one, your family, your enemy, your pet dog, your boss. But on national television, and in a show that is obviously scripted?

We’ve become suckers for “reality” TV. Remember that Kris Aquino-Joey Marquez episode? How long did they feed us with Ms Aquino’s oh-so-unique pain, as if one person’s falling in and out of love was a matter of national security? Long enough for Ms Aquino to institutionalize crying on television as a national pastime. She became the standard for what’s real tear and what’s not on prime time. And we bought it.

I heard the first PBB fed on scandals and too much skin, and that the peeping toms in everyone lapped it up. This year’s episode seems to count on the housemates’ tears to equal its predecessor’s success. And the senti in all of us is starting to feast on it too.

But like Budoy, we’ll have our revenge too.

( weekend 2007)


2 Responses to “The tearyucky show”

  1. Lozada is a big hit not just because he tells the “truth” but also because he cries. Tears are powerful.

    So I say, don’t cry for me Pilipinas.

  2. i guess it’s because they’re taken out their comfort zones that they cry.

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