mga awit ug yawit sa kasingkasing bisaya

The World’s Cheesiest Love Songs

Here I go again, flaunting my adulation for cheesy love songs… (do I hear toilet flushing in the background?)… Can you imagine a world without cheesy love songs? No, you can’t. Because cheesy love songs are the soundtrack of our lives. Where were you when this cheesy song was number one… one… one… one? In the toilet, of course, crying over a crush named “Pimple With a Face.”

Cheesy love songs define who we are, determine what we eat, what underwear we wear on pay day, what day we pick our nose, what time of the day we fart. Oh yes, cheesy love songs are the total eclipse of our collective heart, the wind beneath our collective wings… our forest primeval… our… OK. I’m done.

Check the list out at http://sound of toilet flushing


One Response to “The World’s Cheesiest Love Songs”

  1. this reminds me of corn with cheese powder. walking with “bebe” around the town plaza. sharing earphones, “you’re way tooo byutipuuul gurl…” in loop. aw, “byuti and the beast” diay.

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