mga awit ug yawit sa kasingkasing bisaya

The fried chicken scandal

The country is in shambles, Mike Arroyo is still the President, Kris Aquino continues to irritate, my girlfriend’s dog remains missing and here I am talking about a food item from a faraway place called Kentucky. But that’s exactly the point when you come to think of it. Sometimes you just have to pour your energy into something more productive, like surfing the net for nothing in particular.

And look what I’ve bumped into: http://ang-manok-sa-kentucky-hero.

I have friends who treat animals more humanely than their house helpers, so I won’t comment on this article. I just found it amusing. Charmaine Rodriguez, fellow editor, contributed another Kentucky trivia. She said the map of Kentucky actually resembles a drumstick. See the photo below.

I told you I’m a sucker for the insignificant.


4 Responses to “The fried chicken scandal”

  1. mao gyud na ang naa sa KFC na logo?

  2. yes, that’s colonel sanders in the main foto. he’s a classmate of my grandpa’s penpal’s best friend’s brother’s neighbor in military school.

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