mga awit ug yawit sa kasingkasing bisaya

Revenge of the poo-poo

One good thing about surfing the net is that every now and then you come across articles that confirm some of your strong beliefs about life and stuff, especially stuff. Me, I always believe fecal matters mutate into some kind of aliens the moment they leave our bodies and that they’re just waiting for the right time to start an invasion.

I once brought this up with my editors, who promptly dismissed me as nuts. When septic tank cleaners dropped dead one after another a couple of years ago, septic tank experts came up with a stupid theory that said accumulated fart caused the deaths. Nothing was farter, I mean farther, from the truth. It was weapon-slinging poo-poos giving earthlings a taste of a much greater destruction soon to come. If you think I’m joking, read this article about splashing poo-poos: http://alive-alive-my-poopoo-is-alive


One Response to “Revenge of the poo-poo”

  1. I remember when I was a kid, we had an outhouse that we used. I can also remember the first indoor crapper I ever saw. I first thought it was a place to get a drink of water. It was my neighbor’s. The old lady told me what it was used for and I thought; “Disgusting!” It sure beats walking the path down to the toilet,(as we called it) on a cold winter night after stuffing myself with one of my mom’s delicious evening meals. By the time my business there sitting on that cold wooden seat was finished, I would say to myself; I’m never going to eat again. I can honestly tell you that doo-doo doesn’t turn into aliens, because when I would go to the toilet in the daytime and look down into the toilet hole, all I saw was turds and worms. I even had to fish items out of the toilet hole at times. My girl cousins would come to visit and as mean as they could be, would throw things of mine in the toilet hole. I would then fish them out and throw something of theirs (dolls)down the toilet hole; where it remained until it was eventually buried under dookey. When I became a teenager, us boys would have fun on halloween by turning over toilets. One time we turned one over with someone in it and almost got into trouble. Now I live near a river where we get our water supply, which is also where we dump our dooty. I never touch tap water, just like I would never drink out of the toilet hole.

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