mga awit ug yawit sa kasingkasing bisaya

Just those first two paragraphs, please

Rianne, a fellow editor, arrived in the office one day and asked me why I was so early (10 am). I said I’m writing a column (I can’t write at home. I don’t know why). She said you know what, writing seems to torture you; everytime I see you writing you look like the saddest person on earth. Her exact words: “Grabeng pag-antos nimo anang imong column sa?”

So true. Writing is never a happy experience. And writing the first two paragraphs is the most torturous part, literally, as in “causing great physical or mental anguish”. Give me those first two paragraphs and the rest will be less laborious, but never pleasant, still. So, if someody tells you writing is a wonderful experience so pick up the pen and join us, split his skull open.


6 Responses to “Just those first two paragraphs, please”

  1. So funny! For me it has always been the first sentence that gets me completely constipated. So I type something stupid in and then at least I have something to scorn.

    Maybe try a little visualization before you write. Imagine yourself sitting at the computer, a big smile on your face, the ideas flowing… the words coming out almost faster than your fingers can type! Best wishes.

    Ms. Jayna

  2. Ms Jayna, thanks for the advice. πŸ™‚

  3. nyay… ka-relate lagi ko ana…
    and that advice might be a big help.. πŸ™‚

  4. Same goes with me, ingon ana sad ko bai…sometimes ma blank state lagi ko whenever I try to write something on my blog. Paet, and I’m not even a grad of any english major….maypa nag nursing nalng ko ani hehehehhe

  5. “Every writer I know has trouble writing” — Joseph Heller

    we’re in good company, people.

    again i say: anybody who says writing is easy is an ugly, fat liar.

  6. “So, if someody tells you writing is a wonderful experience so pick up the pen and join us, split his skull open.”

    Pretty good suggestion. Haha.

    You make it sound like going through labor pains. Not that it’s actually easy. Or so they say.

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