mga awit ug yawit sa kasingkasing bisaya

Mad, mad money

When people use the phrase “starving artists”, they definitely don’t refer to these musicians. Music is both art and business, a good business at that. But try doing these things at the same time: write songs, produce them, play them live, promote them, and make sure the money keeps coming. Mabuang ka. An artist is seldom a businessman and vice versa. Somebody should take care of the “non-creative” part of music and leave the songwriter to his art.

So who are they referring to by “starving artists”? Most Cebuano bands, of course.


One Response to “Mad, mad money”

  1. Interesting and very true, but completely neglects the recent mass movement of indie bands and labels. Artists have paved a new road for themselves leaving behind the swindling suits of the past. The suits, such as lou pearlman and other MTV top 10 band creators are a thing of the past. The rock star is dead. Today you’ll find big venues filled with “underground” bands sold out to their cult followings. People don’t buy the hype anymore, and singers and musicians with mansions that can sing but have songs written FOR them are losing their audience with the younger crowds. Now the business types are attempting to re-create what “business oriented artists” created. Trying to sell themselves as underground indie labels. Can’t help but laugh. The “starving artist” is a myth created by Van Gogh that keeps people from applying themselves. If you’re a hard worker there’s no way the artist thing won’t work out for you. Just have to make moves, the artist is a very special breed of person that can create and innovate whatever pops into their head.

    What keeps bands down is the mythic success level of such corporate sponsored monsters, bands feel the only way to “make it” is to sign with a record label or an A and R guy. Versus making moves to get enough money to eat, sleep, and play. You have to make sacrifices for what you want in life. Musicians are more interested in being a “musician” than making music because it’s been sold to them as someone with tons of money that can just be a brat.

    Keep in mind I have no idea what the commerce, politics, supply, and demand are for music and the arts in Cebu.

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