mga awit ug yawit sa kasingkasing bisaya

Cebu flop music festival

Caught in a time warp, these people! What ‘popular music’ are they talking about? I’m not a huge fan of Bisrock – many Bisrock songs suck bigtime. But despite its flaws, Bisrock has done what Cebu Flop Music Festival can only dream of, that is making Binisaya songs popular to the masses. ‘Nuff said!


2 Responses to “Cebu flop music festival”

  1. haha. cebu flop music festival is for the boring and the old. that’s all i have to say!

  2. it is indeed an unpopular music festival..

    the songs here are not for the benefit of the masses, albeit, they are for the purposes of audiological masturbation of the judges…

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