mga awit ug yawit sa kasingkasing bisaya

Making Love Out of Nothing At All/Air Supply

I admit it. I was – and I mean I WAS – a big Air Supply fan. I know you were too, you just hate to admit it now. HA HA HA. There was no escaping Air Supply. In fact, in some love letters I wrote, I’d even quote….. Ok, I’m shutting up. Let Tom Reynolds take the anti-Air Supply cause for all of us.

“I really wanted to get through this book without having to deal with Air Supply. Everything about the Aussie duo of Russel Hitchcock and Graham Russel hearkens back to the oxygen deprivation implied in their moniker. Who can sit through ‘All Out of Love’ without feeling lightheaded? Who can withstand ‘Every Woman in the World’ without seeing spots? Who can endure ‘The One that You Love’ without collapsing unconscious while brain damage slowly sets in? Who in the hell bought these guys’ records?

“Turns out the Americans did. Air Supply were more popular in the US than in their native Australia (so that’s why Europeans think Americans are stupid). They scored eight Top-10 singles in the US alone from 1980 to 1983, yet everyone claimed they hated them. Granted my crew was bonging up to REO Speedwagon, so they weren’t exactly harbingers of taste either but, seriously, what alien conspiracy was behind all this Airhead popularity? They seemingly released the same sappy ballad over and over again while always featuring Hitchcock’s thrown-off-a-bridge tenor.

“So now, not only am I contending with a creepy Air Supply song but also it happens to be one written by Jim Steinman, the hirsute Wagner of pop music. Mr. Steinman is the songwriter behind Meat Loaf’s Bat Out of Hell album and the notorious Bonnie Tyler song ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart.’ He writes every song as if it were the last act of the opera and the vengeful ghost is laying waste to the proscenium.

“One of Steinman’s lyrical devices is to see how many different ways he can say the same thing repeatedly until it drives everyone crazy. After a tinkling piano intro, vocalist Hitchcock starts teeing up a series of phrases that he knocks down the fairway with rote-like ease. ‘I know just how to whisper’, he sings, while adding that he also knows how to ‘cry’. Wow, you know how to whisper and cry? What a gymnast you are. The thing is, we have to wait as Hitchcock lists everything else he can do. He knows just how to :

find answers,


fake it,

tell the truth,


“Right, then we – What? there’s more? He knows just how to:



pull someone closer,

let them loose.

“Fine, I got it. From here, the — Oh, you gotta be freaking kidding.

And I know …

The night is fading …

Time is flying .

“OK, stop. We get it, you know how to do everything, except how to shut up and get to the point. What can’t you do? ‘I don’t know how to leave you,’ Hitchcock sings. He also doesn’t know how she can make love out of nothing at all.”


9 Responses to “Making Love Out of Nothing At All/Air Supply”

  1. Ei bai,

    Ako napud dropby dire sa imong “payag” ehhehe add me to the list sa mga tawo na tigpaminawan ug Air Supply sauna. Heck, I’m guilty as well ani pud but ok ra bai. In some way or another na influence pud ko gamy nila hehehehe. But, mas nindot dyud ang REO Speed wagon para i bunal sa girls heeheehe either that or Boston pud. Wla ko kasuway mu bunal nya naminaw ug Air Supply…but maybe I’ll try it someday and see how it feels heehehehe murag i tagay nalng cguro ni nato dah.paet…..heehehehe

  2. taym sa bai ha… mura’g di ko ka-relate anang imong “bunal og girls” dah. hehehe. salamat sa paghapit bai. am working on the links pa. tingbon lang nako tanang silingan og link. mingaw pa man gud intawn kaayo ning atong payag gud. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. waaa. air supply. haha. i have their songs in my mp3… haha . pampatulog nko sa hapon. hahaha mao man jud ning ipatukar sa akong mga uncles and aunts. haha. inyo ning panahon,sir ang air supply. haha

  4. remember Mr. & Mrs. Smith?the chase,the massive flying bullets,the revealation of secrets & oh yeah the fierce make out in the kitchen…..A stroke of pure passion!Making Love Out of Nothing At All nailed everything together.

  5. chi mi dice qualoche chat nuova?

  6. “chi mi dice qualoche chat nuova?”

    – brinstrog hurmmstein gramastram bummistein? sinui… sinui… ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. hahaha.. engot! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. ypilwauz zorwpq mdyznwsr xqpcbfman spxry eixmf ogvqx

  9. idol kau na naku ang air supply woy! haha.

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