mga awit ug yawit sa kasingkasing bisaya

As usual, but not quite

talked with the band during the boat trip home from surigao. and as usual, they had this charming way of making me ditch the plan to leave. it happens all the time. but at least this time, it’s a compromise. no more “tabi-tabi” gigs for me. and i have my reasons, most of them too personal to share even with the best buddies, like bandmates. i don’t care if it’s one gig a year until all of us disappear to rot in a place called Dubai.

i have always hated playing live. i don’t even know why i’m in a band in the first place. playing live was not among my plans when this whole bisaya rock thing started. i just wanted to write songs, give copies to close friends and let the songs live their own pathetic lives. and my bandmates knew this. only that they don’t share with me the same weird, anti-crowd motivation to be in a band.

and oh, the surigao gig! it was one of our best gigs since.. .. high school. payter! i told myself, “if it’s going to be my last live performance, might as well give it my best.” and that was what happened.


3 Responses to “As usual, but not quite”

  1. kung saan ka masaya, supportahan teka.. 🙂 ayo2x sir insoy..wala na diay mi sunod2xron na mf ani.. 😦 ma missing na jud si filemon..

  2. tinood jud na mo leave na ka sir insoy?? oohh, so sad.. 😦

  3. But that is just sad! Noel raves about you just so, and now you’re never again playing live, and I haven’t even heard you.

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