mga awit ug yawit sa kasingkasing bisaya

This is not a new year shit

And I won’t even talk about it. You’re not supposed to do anything when you’re hung over. You have your hamsters as perfect topic for the next column. Year of the freakin’ rodents. It’s all in the head now. But it can wait. There’s the Surigao gig this weekend. Probably your last. Leaving the band has been put on hold for months now. This time you’re going to do it, because what used to be an ultimate high has become boring. A solo project, maybe this year. But you can’t talk about it right now. You’re hung over.


7 Responses to “This is not a new year shit”

  1. soy, i came, i saw, i like. ur payag is cool, pareha ug color sa akong gamayng mansyon. wherever you go, i go ! sa way dapig-dapig, imong blog permi nakong lili-on kung wa bay init ng gi-haon. salamat sa pag-imbitar.

  2. ser.
    nasaag lang

  3. You leaving the band to do a solo project?hmmm caught me by surprised dah..but if ever you’re planning to do some solo project, pwede ko apil basig usa lang ka song? hehehee anyways add me up as well dire sa imong new payag bai 🙂 happy new year as well! hope to see u again one of these days and tagay napud ta eheheehe

  4. what?!?!?! u sure about this?! syang nmn… well, goodluck sa surigao gig this weekend…

  5. hey i have to say that missing felimon remains ‘the bisrock band’ for me, that’s the band you are talking about right? not some marching band? i hope you’ll enjoy your solo projects 🙂 i’ll be looking forward to it.

  6. im a fan!

  7. kong asa kamalingaw suportahan tika

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