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Just those first two paragraphs, please

January 31, 2008

Rianne, a fellow editor, arrived in the office one day and asked me why I was so early (10 am). I said I’m writing a column (I can’t write at home. I don’t know why). She said you know what, writing seems to torture you; everytime I see you writing you look like the […]

‘Mga Koreanong gilambusan sa Kawasan’

January 30, 2008

After so many attempts at photography, I give up. I could give it another try, but it’s different when somebody you consider a part of yourself is already doing it and is doing it well. (The foto above is hers, and the subjects are her Korean boyfriends, I hate you!.) If you seldom find pictures […]

Funny band names

January 29, 2008

If you had a band, what would you call it? Suggestions: 1) Nasal Sex With Broken Glass 2) Pelvic Meatloaf 3) Dracula Does Calculus 4) A Cat Born In An Oven Isn’t A Cake Unless you have great music, we can forgive you, like we forgave the ‘Beatles’ and the ‘Eraserheads,’ two great bands with […]

Let’s do the beso-beso

January 28, 2008

As this column aims to educate, let’s start with etymology. According to my research — which involved the arduous process of typing keywords and clicking search — the word beso is Spanish for “kiss”, as in “beso de Judas”. Do the inflection and you will have “Bésame, bésame mucho, como si fuera esta noche la […]

Mad, mad money

January 27, 2008

When people use the phrase “starving artists”, they definitely don’t refer to these musicians. Music is both art and business, a good business at that. But try doing these things at the same time: write songs, produce them, play them live, promote them, and make sure the money keeps coming. Mabuang ka. An artist is […]

‘Fuck you and your Tagalog market’

January 26, 2008

Between the later part of 2006 and middle of 2007, I received three offers from three record labels to reproduce and distribute Missing Filemon’s two albums – the debut ‘Mising Filemon (Suroysuroy)’ and ‘Sinesine’. “And if things are good, we have money for your third album,” they told me. The condition, and this had to […]

The Beatles at ‘SuroySuroy Sugbo’

January 25, 2008

Been offline since Wednesday to join Capitol’s “SuroySuroy Sugbo – The Southern Heritage Trail”. The project has a point, really, got to admit. Works good for Cebu Province, works even better for the Gwen Garcia image. What’s the trip all about? It’s actually touring the towns and eating a lot of budbod and bakasi and […]

Big Boy

January 22, 2008

IT all started with this one short line in my spam box: “Hi Insoymada. Your partner will be calling you ‘BIG BOY…’”

‘Rock and Roll meant fucking’

January 22, 2008

RSO Booksale is having a “clearance sale.” I dropped by its SM City branch this morning and found books priced at half the amount they may probably cost at Power Books. I grabbed a copy of Hank Bordowitz’s “Turning Points in Rock and Roll.” This will surely keep me busy the rest of the week. […]

Just send in the clowns — comment

January 22, 2008

“I think the movie was “Patch Adams”, not “Jumanji”. ” — jae Hahay. I’m a failure in sarcasm. – insoymada